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Services & Insurance Products

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What is the Best Insurance for Your Church?

Having insurance for your church is a must. With an endless number of options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to know what policies are best for your church. That's why one of our agents is happy to go over your individual needs and select coverage to match. Check out all of the different products we offer, and why they might benefit your parish.

Most insurance policies can be difficult to understand, that's why we've broken them down here. Check out all of the insurance products you can get for your church.

Property Insurance

Property insurance offers coverage for the buildings your church owns and the contents inside of them. While not all damage is covered, most types will qualify for coverage under your policy. Your provider will usually pay for repairs or replacements of whatever property was damaged or destroyed.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance offers compensation for bodily injury or property damage that your church could be held liable for. This includes church members or non-members, but not employees of the church. To get a bit more technical for the insurance savvy, this type is similar to other liability insurance. Payment limits are written as two numbers, an occurrence limit and an aggregated limit-this is the maximum payout for all occurrences together.

Counseling Liability Insurance

Pastoral counseling liability is coverage for the church in counseling scenarios. As you know, most churches provide counseling services, and it's important they are covered. Say, for example, that a husband and wife get divorced after sessions with a church counselor, this coverage would protect your church from legal action if the couple claimed your parish was at fault.

Sexual Misconduct Insurance

Sexual misconduct insurance, sometime referred to as sexual molestation insurance, is coverage for your church in the event that it's accused of contributing to sexual abuse or molestation behavior. This coverage is not for the individual perpetrator, but specifically your church.

Directors and Officers (D&O) Insurance

Directors and officers liability insurance, also known as director's liability insurance, is coverage for any board or committee members in your parish who might make decisions that violate a contract or by-law of the church. This would cover the people acting on behalf of the church, even if the church isn't specifically named in a suit.

Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owner or hire car Insurance is an extension of liability coverage for vehicles that do not belong to your church, but are being used for a church function. An example of this would be one of your youth ministers driving to a youth ministers' conference in his own car. This insurance is in addition to the driver's personal insurance, it doesn't replace it. Coverage only applies for situations where the primary purpose of the trip is church related.

15-Passenger Van Insurance

15-passenger van insurance used to be very difficult to find. However, we now have several sources for this type of coverage. Similar to commercial van insurance, this specifically relates to typical church vehicles, 15-passenger vans. To qualify, there are some requirements for the drivers, but the difficult regulations of the past are no longer required. This makes coverage easier for your church to access.

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' Comp insurance policies are designed to protect the church against any liability from an on-the-job injury sustained by an employee of the church. It does this by covering the medical and incidental costs of the injured worker.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella liability insurance put plainly is just extra liability coverage for your current policies. For example, if your church needed $1.5M to cover a counseling related lawsuit and you only had $1M of coverage, the umbrella policy would provide for the remaining $500K. Think of it as extra padding or a safety net to ensure you're always fully covered.

Theft Insurance

Theft insurance is designed to replace stolen property, or in some cases, money. This type of coverage is usually available a variety of providers, but a monitored alarm system can be required. Depending on your risk level, the value of items in your church, and other factors, you can find a policy that fits your personal security needs.

Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) Insurance

Employment practices liability insurance usually refers to the hiring or firing of employees.  However, it can also cover the church for certain types of harassment suits. If a potential or previous employee feels their legal rights have been violated, this protects your organization from being held liable.

Violent Incident Insurance

Similar to Workers' Comp or liability insurance, if someone experiences a violent incident at your church, this provides an extra payout for incidental expenses. An example of this would be counseling for witnesses to a hostage situation, or something similar to that. This additional compensation would be in addition to your policy's current levels of coverage.

Religious Insurance

Religious Expression Liability is a relatively new coverage that applies to churches who might be sued for their theological stance on certain issues. For example, if a homosexual couple wants to get married at your church, but this conflicts with your parish's stance on scripture, your religious expression is protected.

Group Policy Insurance

We also offer group affiliation policies for groups of churches that operate under a conference, section, district, etc.